Your Skin Survival Kit for Festival Season

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Festival season is among us with Coachella in full swing and a plethora of other music merriment happening all over the country during the month of April. With large crowds, sweaty outdoor dance floors, questionable washrooms and long lines, how does a glamazon expect to stay pretty? We’ve compiled all the beauty secrets you need to keep that gaze glamorous and not grimy while braving the musical masses.

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 For Face

First things first – if you’re going to be outside all day under the sun’s hot hot heat, sunscreen is a must! Protecting your beautiful features from UV rays is, after all, the secret to keeping that fountain of youth flowing. We love Shiseido’s Urban Environment especially made for faces. Ultra-light in texture while still being highly protective, the oil-free recipe leaves us with a silky instead of greasy finish. Bring on the sun!

Yves Saint Laurent Tint Resist Long Wear Transfer Resistant Foundation

With being alfresco and nary a minute to touch up your makeup without risking missing a performance, it’s best to have a solid and long-lasting foundation. We swear by YSL’s Teint Resist Long Wear Transfer Resistant Foundation. A mouthful to say, sure, but oh let us tell you, this stuff works wonders. Silky, light, easy to apply and goes on without looking cakey. It’ll leave you looking like you just applied it even after hours of wear. And, with a slight floral scent, it makes sure your skin not only looks fresh, but smells fresh too.

Smashbox Photo Matte Anti-Shine

We don’t know about you other oily-skinned, girls, but we find ourselves having to remove excess oil more often than we’d like to, especially on days spent outside in the elements. Enter: Smashbox’s Photo Matte Anti-Shine. A gift from the beauty goddesses to us with oily and acne-prone skin, the gel can be applied to parts of the face that tend to get shiny, aka the T-zone and chin. Simply apply your makeup on overtop and you’ve got hours of matte finish! We can’t tell you how relieved we’ll be not to have to dab and powder our faces every hour.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray

And now the final touch for your flawless festival face – the creme de la creme of setting sprays. There’s a reason why Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray has a beauty junkie cult following – it works. Simple as that, really! With technology that controls the temperature of your makeup, your mug will stay calm, cool, and collected even when conditions may not be. Ideal for all skin tones, as well. All we have to say is spray away! Now you can adorn your face with everything from sparkles to trendy Oliver Peoples glasses, safe in the knowledge your makeup wont be going anywhere. Ace!


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