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All that is Entailed in Intellectual Property Infringement and Patent Law

Intellectual property infringement is basically the violation of the rights that are owned by another over an intellectual property. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are some of the kinds of intellectual property rights that one can own. This as such points to the fact that intellectual property infringement may take a number of forms and these include trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and patent infringement. Get the facts and details we have below of the various kinds of intellectual property infringement.

The first we will take a look at is the trademark infringement. This is particularly the infringement on the rights of exclusive nature that are attached to a particular trademark. This often occurs in those cases where one happens to use the trademark without the permission of the trademark owner or without any licensing. It may even get to occur in the cases where the one party causing the infringement of rights gets to use a trademark that is similar or in a way confusing for the promotion of goods and or services that are part of the inventory of the trademark owner. If you happen to be a trademark owner and you have had your rights over ownership to the trademark violated anyway, you are at liberty to institute legal proceedings against such a person who has so violated such rights.

Patent infringement is the next item that we will take a look at. The operation of patent law basically is related to the need to give the inventor of some product of intellectual nature some degree of monopoly so as to make or sell their invention. A patent is often valid for a period of time during which it bar others from making, using or selling the product. Patents are licenses that can either be sold, assigned or transferred and will only work in those jurisdictions where the patents have been issued. When a patent reaches its expiration dates, the use of the formerly patented product becomes open to all. You need to as well bear in mind the fact that there are often some annual patent renewal fees that must be paid by all the patent holders.

Thus patent infringement happens to be the commission of some form of unwanted acts in relation to a particular product and this is one that is seen to be in the absence of the permission from the patent holder. All in all, patent violation may vary from one jurisdiction to another but in all, there has to be the use of the patented invention.

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